Knee Sleeves-Black


7MM Premium Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Upgrade your workout gear with Hustlers Only Powerlifting Knee Sleeves. These 5mm neoprene compression sleeves provide reliable support for squats, cross training, running, and snatches during weightlifting. Get the support you need to take your performance to the next level with Hustlers Only Knee Sleeves.

Key features

Hustlers Knee Sleeves come in a pair of 2 and are available in Black color.

Material - Hustlers' only 5mm thick neoprene knee sleeves offer powerful support and stabilization, allowing you to safely maximize your exercise. And this 5 mm thick also helps prevent slip and roll-back issues.

PREVENT INJURIES & PAIN - Hustlers Only Knee Sleeves Provide compression and warmth to the knees. These sleeves provide comfort and support to your knees during heavy lifts or even day-to-day use such as running or walking. Hustlers Only Knee sleeves help to promote blood flow and reduce pressure and swelling during your workouts.

Heavy-Duty Design - The Hustlers-only knee compression sleeves are made of sturdy Neoprene and Polyamide material, and they feature reinforced stitching. 

IDEAL FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: Hustlers Only Sleeves are designed to be unisex. As long as you measure up correctly, these are suitable for men and women. The highly elasticated sleeve fits easily around the knee and provides excellent support and stability for weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and much more.

Satisfaction - We want happy and satisfied customers. We are always happy to resolve whichever problem occurs. If your expectations are not met for any reason, we will refund you within 30-days of purchase date.

Hustlers Only focus on providing state-of-the-art, innovative workout gear and activewear for men and women who aren't afraid to push their limits.

DO NOT MACHINE WASH KNEE SLEEVES.  Hand wash and air dry. 

(For correct sizing measure the circumference of your knee, Flexing the knee at 30 Degrees)


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