Fat Grips

  • CONVERT NORMAL BAR INTO THICK BAR: Optimize bar grips to result in the maximum forearm and bicep development. Allow you to increase the difficulty of various workouts
  • 4.5” LONG x 1.75” OUTER DIAMETER x 1” INNER DIAMETER: Standard size fits virtually most barbells, dumbbell handles, weight bars, pulldown ropes, cable machine attachments, and kettlebells
  • HIGH-DENSITY NO-SLIP RUBBER COMPOUND: Constructed of durable rubber material that never compresses, slips or causes hand fatigue & calluses
  • BUILD BIGGER, STRONGER ARMS: Hustler Fat Grips helps sculpt your muscle mass and enhance your strength by increasing muscle stimulation. Thick grips increase gains, strength in your forearms, biceps, triceps, hands and the entire upper body
  • ERGONOMIC BAR GRIP: Ergonomic design with arch adds comfort and prevents slipping. Perfect for all CrossFit, WOD, Muscle Strength & Body Building Training

Benefits of Using a Thicker Diameter:

  • Activates more muscle fibers meaning more muscle growth from every rep (no more wasted reps!)
  • Increases grip strength, meaning you can use more weight on all exercises (no more weak links!)

You will literally feel Hustler Fat Grips bringing your arms to life and making them grow bigger, faster - even with just a few sets of bicep curls per week!