Abs Sling Strap - Pair

  • ✅ Designed To Isolate And Target Your Abdominal Muscles For A More Effective Workout With These Hanging Abs Strap - By Focusing On Specific Muscle Groups, You Can Improve The Efficiency And Results Of Your Ab Workouts.
  • ✅ Easily Add Ab Exercises To Your Routine With These Convenient Abdominal Slings Added To Any Home Gym Setup. No Need For Complicated Or Bulky Equipment - Simply Attach The Ab Sling And Get To Work On Strengthening And Toning Your Core.
  • ✅ Lightweight And Portable For Use At Home Or On The Go: Our Exercise Straps For Pull Ups Are A Convenient And Portable Way To Stay Fit And Toned, No Matter Where You Are. Their Lightweight Design Makes Them Easy To Pack And Bring On The Go.
  • ✅ Made Of Durable Neoprene Materials And Able To Support Up To 300 Pounds: Ensure A Safe And Effective Workout With These Durable Hanging Ab Straps. These Are Built To Last. Invest In A Piece Of Gym Equipment You Can Count On For Years To Come.
  • ✅ Easy To Use Hanging Straps Made Of Washable Fabric In Desirable Color: Enhance Your Workout Routine With These Convenient And Stylish Abs Pull Up Straps. Made Of Washable Fabric. These Straps Add A Touch Of Personal Style To Your Gym Setup.