Duffel Bag - Gray

Designed to be the ultimate gym bag, Hustlers Only Duffle Bag will take you anywhere with comfort and ease. it's numerous pockets and compartments, smart size and padded shoulder strap make it perfect for any activity or occasion, fitness-related or not.

Features of Gym Duffel Bags

  • DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE - strong, smooth zippers and clips, reinforced base and made to last handles & shoulder straps.
  • 25 GALLONS OF INTERNAL STORAGE SPACE - you won't be faced with the tough decision of what items to leave behind. This duffle gym bag has ample room for gym gear such as towels, clothes, weight belts and even arm blaster.
  • SHOE COMPARTMENT - storage space for a pair of shoes.
  • MESH POCKETS - external mesh pockets for easy access and the ability to air out sweaty gym gear.
  • ELASTIC LOOPS - the feature you never knew you needed, stash small accessories on the exterior of the bag for quick access & tangle-free storage.
  • ZIPPER & VELCRO POUCHES - velcro secured pouches and zipper secured pouches offer a concealed space for personal items and valuables.